Our Range

REAL Hand Cooked Crisps are made to pack a punch, from the perfect crunch to taste-bud tingling flavour, they really are the crisps with bags of character. We’re always working hard to make our crisps even better and so everyone can enjoy the snack we love making so much, with that in mind, we’re excited that our whole range is now Vegetarian & Gluten Free!  We have also done away with added MSG, but don’t be mistaken, that REAL-ly delicious flavour you all know and love has not changed! 

We’re super excited that we’ve gone and won bags of awards for our curiously characterful tasty crisps! We’ve bagged more Great Taste awards for our Sea Salt, Sweet Chilli, Jalapeno and Roast Ox flavours. The judges know their stuff with one crisp connoisseur saying, ‘the snap and crunch is bang on!’ and “There is really satisfying heat from these which builds a little and makes these dangerously moreish.” We would naturally have to agree.

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you… We’ve got a new character on the block, Zane, the king of the BBQ, and his flavour, Smokin’ BBQ! Us Brits love nothing more than a BBQ, come rain or shine. It’s that signature balance of sweet and smoky flavours that keep us coming back for more. Our new Smokin’ BBQ crisps capture that flavour perfectly, just one issue, we don’t have an iconic face for our iconic crisps! Our competition to find the next face of Smokin’ BBQ has now closed and we received so many great entries. Stay tuned for the big reveal!